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Welcome to Harlan Feed, a Northern California based supplier of premium feed. Here at Harlan Feed, we take pride in producing, manufacturing, and supplying our customers with a consistent product from a trustworthy source. Providing a high quality agricultural product is not only the focus of our business, it is our heritage that stems from the creation of our family farm back in the early 1850’s.

Our growing area and processing facility is located in the heart of Woodland, California, an agricultural region known worldwide for quality agricultural products. Our growing climate, irrigation networks and storage capacity allows us to deliver product year round.

Customers allow us to be in business; therefore, we strive to consider your needs and deliver them to you in a bag. We understand that continued success hinges on the support of our community, which is why we gladly reinvest and support our community.

We look forward to meeting with you in the future and learning more about your feeding needs.


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